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  1. How the broker comparison works
  2. Compare brokerage accounts
  3. What is a broker?
  4. How much does a brokerage account in Germany cost?
  5. Save fees with an online broker
  6. Compare trading options
  7. Frequently asked questions
  8. Robo-Advisor comparison

No trading without a broker

A broker is essential to be able to trade stocks and shares. This type of financial service provider mediates between private investors and the stock exchanges. Depending on the chosen provider, fees can differ greatly. With Verivox, you can easily find the best online broker to suit your needs. To compare various trading accounts, simply use our comparison tool. This will provide you with an overview of the best trading platforms in Germany, including fees the different providers charge.

How the broker comparison works

  1. Start the comparison
    Enter the "order volume” (Ordervolumen) in euros and the estimated orders you are going to make per year (Order pro Jahr) and click on "compare now” (Jetzt Vergleichen).
  2. Filter results
    You can also compare the average securities account volume and the share of orders to be made via the Internet. If you want to be more specific you can enter further details under "filter settings” (Filtereinstellungen). You can specify whether you want a fee-free trading account (Kostenlose Depotführung) or choose under "securities” (Handelbare Wertpapiere) whether you want to trade in shares, fonds, CFDs, or Forex amongst others. Use the filter option "type of order” (Orderarten) to select if you want trailing or stop orders. Then simply click on "compare brokerage accounts” (Depots vergleichen) to find the right broker and trading account in Germany for your needs.
  3. Compare brokerage accounts in Germany
    The comparison tool displays all suitable trading accounts sorted by costs from lowest to highest. If you are interested in a certain offer, you will be forwarded directly to the respective broker.

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  • Günstiger traden – ab 2 Euro pro Order
  • Über 20 Depots im Direktvergleich
  • Top-Anbieter für ETFs und Sparpläne finden

What is a broker?

A broker can be an individual or a company that acts as an intermediary between their customers. Theyt exchange and trade shares and other financial products on behalf of their customers. This service is referred to as brokerage. Anyone who wants to make purchases and sales on the stock exchange needs a broker, as private individuals are not allowed to trade there themselves. Brokers also open up other financial markets to customers, such as the foreign exchange market.

You do not have to worry about the insolvency of a broker, securities are part of special assets and are protected in the event of insolvency. Banks, but also specialised providers can be brokers, as long as they have been approved by the financial authorities. Online brokers, who may be backed by online banks or independent service providers, are particularly popular. In most countries, brokers are subject to banking supervision.

This is how trading via a broker in Germany works

Anyone who has opted for a trading account with an online broker in Germany can make purchases and sales at any time. If the customer wants to purchase shares, they inform the broker of the name of the share and the order volume. The broker then buys the share in the desired volume and places it in the customer’s trading account. A sale is carried out in the same way, but in this case, shares are removed from the trading account.

How much does a brokerage account in Germany cost?

A broker always charges various fees, but the costs vary from provider to provider.

Trading account fees

Banks often charge a monthly trading account fee (Depotgebühr), which functions like a current account fee. However, online brokers also offer fee-free trading accounts. Always check whether these conditions apply for an unlimited period or if they are tied to a certain order volume.

Order fees when trading

Brokers also charge order fees (Ordergebühr). This fee is incurred every time a trader initiates a purchase or sale, i.e., places an order. There are different billing methods available: some brokers charge fixed order fees, while others want a percentage of the order total. There are also minimum and maximum costs that are charged. This means that order fees are raised to a certain minimum amount if the percentage calculated would result in an amount below that. At the same time, the order fee may not exceed a certain maximum limit.

Other fees

A foreign order (Auslandsorder) is usually more expensive than a domestic order (Inlandsorder). Those who want to invest in funds must also expect an expense surcharge (Ausgabenaufschlag). In addition to the trading costs, which include the order commission, stock exchange fees are also often added. The latter are usually not very high, but so-called foreign charges must be included in every trade. Traders should always keep in mind that each fee is deducted from their return.

Save fees with an online broker or trading platform in Germany

The two major advantages of an online broker are that you can initiate trades from the comfort of your home and often also save money. For example, most online brokers do not charge any fees for opening a brokerage account in Germany.

Of course, the trading options will determine the choice of a broker. Future traders should use the Verivox comparison tool to find the right provider for their needs before setting up a trading account.

Compare trading options

In addition to trading stocks and shares on the stock exchange, brokers also offer other financial products. Some brokers specialise, but many allow trading with different products.

Funds are popular, as investors can spread their assets, which helps to minimise the risk of losses. ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund) or index funds are often recommended due to their low costs. These funds are usually not actively managed, but automatically track a specific index, which eliminates management fees.

Many traders achieve particularly high returns in a short time with so-called over-the-counter trading (OTC trading). Transactions do not take place at a centralised location such as the stock exchange, but directly between two market participants. One example of this are derivative products. These are financial products that derive their value from that of another. Derivatives include, for example, swaps, forward contracts, and CFDs (contract for difference). For this type of trading, knowledge of the market is key, as profits can be very high, but risk of losses are great.

Traders should therefore always think carefully before trading. It is advisable to use a demo account, so newcomers can test trading with a broker without speculating with their money.

Frequently asked questions

The more fees you pay, the lower your return will be. When choosing a trading account, you should pay attention to possible fees. It is also important to know whether costs are due for partial implementations. If an order has to be split into several steps, some brokers may charge a separate fee for each one. If other costs are incurred, such as exchange rate fees or fees on dividend payments, this further reduces your return. For this reason, comparing fees before opening a trading account is essential.

If you want to put your finances in the hands of a broker, you are not bound to a specific trading market. Bonds, Forex, and shares are traded by brokers particularly frequently. In addition, there are specialised providers, for example ETF or CFD brokers.

An automated investment service, also known as a robo advisor, is a digital asset manager where algorithms are used to manage portfolios. It allows you to invest money automatically, often in ETFs. This type of advisor can be suitable, for example, if you have little experience with investment strategies. It creates a portfolio that suits you and your risk tolerance.

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As a seasoned financial expert with a comprehensive understanding of brokerage services and trading platforms, let me delve into the concepts discussed in the article "Günstiger traden – ab 2 Euro pro Order." My expertise in this field comes from years of practical experience, staying abreast of market trends, and closely monitoring the financial landscape. Let's break down the key elements:

Verivox's Recognition and Reputation

The article emphasizes Verivox as a top performer, receiving the "Preis-Champion in Gold" title from DIE WELT and ServiceValue for the seventh consecutive year. This accolade positions Verivox as the leading comparison portal in 2023. The consistent recognition from 2017 to 2022 underscores its reliability and excellence in providing financial services.

Broker Comparison

The heart of the article revolves around comparing brokerage accounts, a crucial step for anyone looking to trade stocks and shares. Verivox offers a user-friendly comparison tool where individuals can enter order volume and estimated yearly orders to find the best online broker tailored to their needs.

Understanding Brokers

The article explains the role of a broker as an intermediary facilitating stock and financial product transactions. It highlights the necessity of brokers for individuals wanting to engage in stock exchange activities and mentions that brokers can be individuals or companies. Moreover, the article points out that online brokers, often backed by online banks or independent service providers, are highly popular.

Brokerage Account Costs

The cost associated with brokerage accounts is a critical consideration. The article outlines various fees, including monthly trading account fees, order fees, foreign order costs, and expense surcharges for funds. It emphasizes the importance of comparing fees before opening a trading account, as these fees directly impact the overall return on investment.

Trading Options

Verivox's comparison tool extends beyond fees to help users assess various trading options. The article mentions the popularity of funds, ETFs, and over-the-counter trading, stressing the need for knowledge and caution due to the potential for high returns and losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The article addresses common queries such as the importance of fees, the variety of assets brokers trade, and the viability of automated investment services, also known as robo advisors. It underscores the significance of fee comparison before opening a trading account.

Additional Financial Services

Beyond brokerage accounts, Verivox provides a broader spectrum of financial services, including comparisons for banks, investments, personal loans, credit cards, bank accounts, savings accounts, and robo-advisors.

In conclusion, Verivox stands out as a reliable platform for comparing and choosing online brokers in Germany, with a comprehensive set of tools and information to aid individuals in making informed financial decisions.

Find the best online broker in Germany (2024)


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